Packaging Designs That Make You Wonder

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With the development in different packaging technologies and more competitive environment in the market place we have seen that product packaging has reached new heights.

Understanding the cutting edge on retail, marketers have realized that the product has to be really different and interesting for the customer to pick it up. Creative teams are challenged and pushed more to get to the goal of achieving a packaging that whips out the competition.

Here are few great examples that will inspire your team to do more with your product packaging

Milk Mountain Packaging Bottle Design

The designer has used a very simple and creative design that utilizes the font name to the maximum. The logo comes out very strongly and the shape of the bottle is also developed keeping in mind the brand name.

The thickness of glass in the bottle also gives the product a depth and brings out the freshness and purity of the product in the packaging

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Panasonic ‘Note’ Packaging Box

The very first thought that comes to your mind after seeing this packaging is “Why didn’t I think of that”. Just by placing the ear phones as a music note Panasonic gets the attention for the brand they need.

Easy and user friendly packaging that is rightly made for music

panasonic Note Packaging Box

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Canon Eos Bag Design

If you have your eye for the right click then this beauty bag will certainly click for you. The design is cleverly crafted and is made to look like as you are already a photographer. Canon has done it again to capture yet another great product.

Canon Eos Bag Design

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Calvin’s Puzzle Box Packaging

If you like puzzles, here is one packaging that will intrigue you. The Rubik’s cube is packed in such a slick slide out pack that will really make you feel as if you have found the thing that you were looking for. The packaging is extremely creative, modern, hip and upbeat. The box design is done very intelligently.

Calvin's Puzzle Box Packaging

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Awesome Drip Shaving Series Packaging Design

The drip shaving series is a great example of a tailor made design and product. This design was developed for the hotel “The Cullen”. The design was inspired by street art that is highlighted in the hotel and was developed to attract people in a white bathroom environment.

The packaging design has minimum of elements and yet with just the drip effect it catches your eyes attention immediately.

Drip Shaving series packaging Design

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Quick Fruit Packaging

The design of ‘Quick’ was developed keeping in mind that the center of the fruit will be used as the lid. The packaging as per the fruit was designed in the relevant colors that highlighted the richness of that fruit. Anyone who sees the packaging immediately feels like tasting it.

Indeed a packaging that has been given great thought.

Quick Fruit packaging design

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Hello Glue Packaging Box

Listen properly someone is saying hello! The creative stationary design that mentions Hello and introduces itself in first person as; the white glue, ruler, pencil and many more. It is a very unique way for a product to be presented. The packaging design has strong base color and minimal elements. The series is very exciting and fun and excites you creatively.

Hello Glue Packaging

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Gaga Tea Packaging

Lady gaga can do anything, even have dip into your tea cup and give you the kicks you need. These tea bags are available in 10 different flavors based on her 10 famous looks.  The lady herself is a heavy tea drinker and Gaga Tea is in a way tribute to the artist that she herself brings so many flavors to her audience.

Gaga Tea Packaging Design

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L’Oreal Gold Future Eye Cream Packaging

Flexible nylon has a finished layer of gold on the L’Oreal eye revival cream. The design is engineered to communicate the protection element that the cream offers. The look is futuristic and very attractive to the eye.

Look no further as the future is already here.

Gold Future Packaging Design

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Dior Burned Wood Concept

Dior used semi burned wood for this packaging design. The box looks very classy and has its own character to it. Glass is also part of the design that gives it a rich and modern look.

Dior packaging Box

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Hanger Tea Packaging

What a wonderful idea. Fun and easy to use these creative tea bags give you the smile you need with your morning tea. Just take them out of the wardrobe and dress them intelligently into the hot water to enjoy the taste of creativity.

hanger tea Packaging

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Zipp Fruit Infuzion Drink Packaging Design

Great packaging design. The name Zipp and the usage of the name on the design is done perfectly. It represents that you can just zipp the best for yourself out of fruit just by drinking it. The colors are very fresh and benefits of the product are very clearly communicated by the use of visuals and minimal typos.

Zipp Vitalize Packaging Design

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