Ketchup Packaging Designs

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Ketchup is one of the very few food items that one can eat with almost every meal. Whether it’s the meat or when you are having fast food, ketchup gives you that extra flavor that you want. There are many types of material in which packaging of ketchup are done. There are glass bottles, plastic bottles, squeeze, dips etc. Mostly the colors that are used in the packaging design are white and red. Tomato visuals are used and if not the product inside the packaging is quite visible.

Heinz is the most visually represented ketchup design but we have also given below other brands and ideas that make you think that there are new directions to be explored.

Tuzot Ketchup Bottle Design

Tuzot Ketchup Source link

Hienz Ketchup Dip & Squeeze

Heinz Dip & Squeeze Source link

Ketchup Packaging Design

Smiling Ketchup packaging Source link

Hellmann’s Ketchup Pack

Hellmanns ketchup packaging Source link

Six Pack Ketchup Box Design

Six pack ketchup box Source link

Elegant Ketchup Bottle Design

Elegant ketchup bottle design Source link

Dracula Ketchup Bottle

Dracula Ketchup Bottle Source link

Bottle And Sachet Ketchup Packaging Design

Bottle and sachet Ketchup packaging design Source link

Sir Kensington’s Ketchup Label Design

Sir Kensingtons Ketchup Source Link

First Street Ketchup Bottle Design

First Street Ketchup

Source link

Krush Tomato Ketchup Packaging

Krush Tomato ketchup packaging