Inspirational Packaging Designs

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The packaging list that we have prepared varies through different categories. We have kept in mind creative designs and the ones that are relevant and catch your attention. It is very important to understand that very creative and out of the box do get attention and may be picked once but over doing it can make the second purchase a little difficult. When your team designs a packaging it is important to see that the creative elements used should be great but should not break away from the values of the brand.

The pack design is a representative of the product and more importantly the brand. So for example if the brand is all about elegance and sophistication the packaging should be designed keeping those elements in mind. The brand is the relation with the customer and packaging is the building block of that relationship and evaluated in its own way if it’s going to last or not.

The pack stays within the customer’s house, his work place, his fridge. It represents his/her needs but also gives an impression of his taste. So if someone feels that the design is too much or too boring the chances are that the relation with the brand is not going to last as long as you wanted.

Bla Bla Cookies

It is a cool pack design. There are different faces shown on the design as per the flavors. Bla Bla perforation is marked right where there faces should be. You open the perforation and you see the biscuits inside. An unusual but fun thought for a biscuit.

Bla-bla-cookies Bla-bla-сookies-packaging cookies-packaging fun-packaging

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Aromatherapy Body Oils

That is one of the most exotic bottles that once can come across. The bottle shape is round and cylindrical and has more width than the usual width of a bottle and the glass color gives the shades of black on the top and bottom that give it so much character.

aromatherapy-body-oil aromatherapy-body-oil-packaging

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Eleia Olive Oil

The very first thing that is awesome as a design is the brand logo. We have seen that great logos help the pack design to look really great. This is definitely a great example of that. The bottle pack design is simple with the brown and white backgrounds. The bottle itself has a remarkable fresh green color and the white text on it makes it look really premium.

Eleia-bottle-top Eleia-box-packaging Eleia-box-packaging-design Eleia-label-design Eleia-logo

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Cookie Break

Well what a combination you get cookies with yogurt and jam. This is what I am talking about. You open the packaging and there are three units that you open and enjoy. That’s a cookie break for real.

Cookie-break Cookie-break-packaging Cookie-packaging Cookies-label-design Cookies-packaging-design

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Eye Glass Creative Box

Sometimes we are so used to the conventional style of how things are that we forget what we can do with them to improve them. Eye glasses usually have the typical case with the brand logo on it but this one goes way out and makes it look really hi end. The colors are used in a classy manner and the black ribbon gives it a very premium look. The top and the bottom are also branded is a great way.


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Lee Skinny Jeans

The design says it all. They are skinny as well as good merchandise. If you put two of them together than it seems that if someone is standing.

cool-jeans-packaging jeans Lee-skinny-jeans-packaging Lee-skinny-jeans-packaging-design

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Raid Insecticides Limited Edition Packaging

Spiders, aunts, bees or buds the raid will extinguish them all. The bottle handle is designed as a gun trigger and a pointed front like a gun. So when you sense someone creeping out there move in with the raid and shoot them dead. A great idea!

packaging-design Raid-bud-extinguisher-packaging

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Packaging For Belgian Candy Store

The candy store pack designs are fun and cool to see. The pack is a definite attention grabber for the kids.

candy-packaging candy-packaging-design candy-packaging-label fun-packaging-for-candies paper-cutout-packaging

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Tesco Chips

Amigo! This is the pack that will put a smile on your face. There are three flavors and cool, spicy and salty and the dude on each flavor represents that flavor. He is shown with the chips places on the side table with his left hand on the table. The art direction is too cool and the wardrobe is just fantastic.

chips-packaging tesco_chips

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My Olive Tree

It’s Greek extra virgin oil that has a great design of its bottle and label. The visual of the tree is shown on the pack and history and the source of the olives is also mentioned.

My-Olive-Tree-packaging olive-oil-bottle olive-oil-packaging

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