How To Get Best Packaging Design For Your Brand

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Product packaging design is very important for any brand. The more and more the competition increases more is the need for better and impactful packaging. The question arises what is a better packaging? Will it be impactful? Will the customers pick it up and buy it?

Do remember that all the companies’ expenses are dependent on the decision of the customer whether to pick up the product or not.

Here are 10 simple checks that can help you develop a great packaging design.

1. Define Your Product Image

The product image should be locked first. Is it fun, classic, young, trust worthy? Which direction as a concept should be taken for your brand? Choose one. Take your time as it is the most important step as it is the first one you are taking.

2. Relevance With The Brand

When the product image is finalized see if it matches with the brand. See that what image you select is in line with the essence of the brand. Do not get carried away to much although we recommend you to loosen up.

3. Packaging Materials And Constraints

See what packaging materials are available in your region and consult with the production team/vendor what are the possibilities that can be done in accordance with shapes and colors. Get a complete report and also see what color constraints do you have.

4. Cost Factors

A great deal of the budget for any product goes into the packaging of that product. If you have a great idea and the resources then better have it done as eventually a great product along with a great packaging will always give you the business results you want.

5. Get In Touch With The Right Creative Team

Once you know what the limitations are in materials in terms of printing and colors find yourself a creative team that can help you develop a concept for the packaging. The printing team and the creative team should work together to see what possibilities can be explored.

6. The Big Idea

Work on the big idea as to how the packaging will stand out. Work on at least two options that may have a totally different approach all together. Sometimes the answer is in the design and sometimes in the possibility of material used and sometimes what folds and cuts can be achieved in packaging. The creative team should see which direction to take as per the shortlisted direction.

7. Color And Mandatories

All color and brand guidelines should be communicated to the relevant creative team and a clear direction in terms of target audience should be provided.

8. Hierarchy In Design

Hierarchy in the design should be followed so that the design is in a structured form and the brand name and benefits have proper placement and weightage. Alignment of elements should be properly followed.

9. Design Elements

Brand colors should be kept in mind when designing the packaging. What font will be used? How many folds will be there in the packaging?

10. Think Like A Customer

We at believe that the single most important check for a good packaging is that you tell yourself that you are the customer and ask yourself what you will do when you see this packaging at the retail. What do you feel about it? Why will you pick it up? Think on those lines throughout the development process and we are sure that you will find the packaging that you are looking for.

If it looks good and makes you think then you have got it.